Visitors can enjoy around various waterfalls around Chikmagalur. Most of the waterfalls can be accessed by bikes, cars and buses .The roads are accessible to Visitors even without their own transport. These popular Waterfalls has some of the most spectacular waterfall and woodland scenery in Chikmagalur.

From the lively waterfalls of Kallathigiri, to the sweet tranquillity of Hanumanagundi falls, Chikmagalur is a study in contrasts. One moment you are in the midst of a icy cold of Hebbe falls expedition, and the next, you are viewing a spectacular side of kadambi falls.

Manikyadhara Falls:

Manikyadhara Falls is situated between Baba Budan Hills and Deviramma Betta. This is best viewed during the spring and winter and early summer when water flows are high.

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Hanumana Gundi Falls:

Hanumana Gundi Falls is an 100 meter high cascade waterfall situated near Kemmangundi. There is a viewing platform available created by government. This headwaters has a strong, continuous flow most of the year.

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Kallathigiri falls:

Step into Kallathigiri falls, a dream heaven – alive with the sounds of cascading waterfalls and rippling, crystal-blue water set with brilliantly colored flowers and lush foliage.This waterfall is 10 km way from Kemmangundi and has a small cap rock which even when dry is very interesting to visit because of this rock formation.

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Some water falls to visit in Chikmagalur District:

Kadambi falls and Shanthi falls are near to Kemman Gundi. Alekan falls is near to Kottigehara, Manikyadara falls and Hebbe falls are near to chikmaglur town. And lastly sirimane falls is near to sringeri.Dont forget to visit Chtnamane falls.

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