Baba Budan Giri Hills

BB hills is famous for its brilliant autumn colors and is gaining popularity for its equally exquisite winter landscape. Hikers and nature lovers will enjoy the hills' rugged beauty during most of the year.

Baba Budangiri also known as Dattagiri Hill Range has some of the most spectacular shrines in Chikmagalur. While the mountains of the neighboring Mullayangiri are loftier than here. There are few more hills near here such as Sitalayanna giri that match the remoteness and distinctly shaped spectacle of these hills. These above hills are guaranteed to make any visitor fix their eyes on them as soon as they come into view.

From Baba Budan giri, a stunning half an hour trekking through this magnificent part of the BB Hills will take you to the historic temple of Devirammana betta.

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